We offer effective Possum Removal Services to Real Estate Agents, Landlords & Home Owners

We have served 1,000s of satisfied customers and lead the industry in Possum Removal Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial properties.
Let Us Remove Your Problem Possum!
  • Home Inspection
  • Block Existing Entry Points
  • Install One Way Exists
  • Possum Proof Roof
  • Install Possum Cages
  • 12 Month Warranty on all Work


We provide our clients with the best Possum Removal service in Melbourne and our prices start at $280+gst for the average domestic home (single story, brick with tiled roof). We locate and block all possum entry points and we evict the possums from your roof. We offer a choice of 12 or 24 month warranties on all our Possum Proofing services.

Possum Catchers offer an effective, safe, efficient, humane and professional way to remove & control possums. As required by the Wildlife Act 1975 we are Licensed Wildlife Controllers and we are experts in evicting Possums from homes.

Our Possum Removal & Proofing Services Include:

  • A complete and detailed inspection and assessment of your roof and property surrounds. We then locate and block all existing entry points and reinforce any areas of weakness that may allow possums to regain entry in the future.
  • Your possums are evicted via a one way exit which will allow all possums to exit your roof by their own accord causing no stress or fuss to themselves or the home owner. This one way exit is left installed at your property until such time we know that all possums have safely left your home.
  • On occasion we may have to place a certified possum cage in your roof to capture any confused possums that refuse or are unable to leave. All trapped Possums must be released within a 50 meter radius of the catch site, however you can rest assured that now your roof has been possum proofed there is no chance of any released possums getting back in.
  • Once we are certain all Possums have been evicted from your roof we will return to remove our one way possum exits and/or cages and our mission is complete. BUT, don’t forget you have us on call for at least the next 12 months. We offer a choice of 12 or 24 month warranties to compliment our Possum proofing and eviction services, so if you have any future visits from our nocturnal furry friends, we will happily return to promptly deal with your possum problems.
  • We hold Public Liability insurance of $20 million and Professional Indemnity insurance of $500,000 for your piece of mind. An insurance certificate is available on request .
  • Possum catchers are fully compliant with all the necessary statutory and mandatory requirements relating to the Wildlife Act 1975 and all our staff are fully trained in all aspects of the Occupational health and safety act's systems and controls.
  • We are Type 1 Commercial Wildlife Controllers and have nationally recognised qualifications in Cert III Asset Maintenance as well as full accreditation in all pest management systems Cert IV General & Termite Management.
  • We also hold the following current Industry Accreditations: EWP Operator - Yellow Card License (scissor lift/boom lift), Victorian Construction Induction - White Card, Working at Heights and Working with Children.

    Our technicians and office staff all receive comprehensive training in all aspects of customer service and possum control, and have expertise in all other areas of pest related issues. So when you call Possum Catchers, you are not just talking to wildlife people, you are talking to highly skilled professionals that are trained to handle all of your pest control needs. For more information on general pest control go to: www.bugcatchers.com.au

*Please note these prices are based on site unseen, if we attend a property and cannot do the job for this price we will happily supply a no-obligation free quotation. Also our standard service prices do not apply to Weatherboard structures or properties with tin/metal/colourbond roofs or properties that are 2 story. Please contact us to discuss our pricing range for these types of properties..