Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get rid of my possum problem?

Possum removal and control is a process. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen! Your communication is vital as you are our eyes & ears. You can expect much activity the first couple of nights. Depending how many possums you have and how long they have been residing in your roof will determine the length of time it will take. On average we find between 3 – 7 days.

How do you know its possums and not rats?

Possums and rats have the same destructive and non-hygienic element to their behaviour. Upon inspection of your property we will be able to ascertain by smell and sight – faecal matter is often the evidence we need. Also their activities differ. With rats you will often hear them at all hours, and often make more scratching noises. With Possums there is no mistaking, they are loud, and they are nocturnally active.

What if I have possums & rats, is there an extra charge?

It is not uncommon to have both possums and rats at your property. If this is the case then we treat both starting with possums, we ensure we have possums out of your property before we treat for rats. Our possum price will be from $280.00 +gst, and our warranty will only cover our possum proofing workmanship. If we find you have rats as well then we will package our charges and substantially reduce our rodent treatment. We are fully licensed Pest Controllers and our charges are very reasonable and we can discuss this with you if needed.

Why are you so cheap compared to other industry competitors?

We are a small business with smaller overheads, so that means we are able to pass on our savings to our customers. We also have a wealth of experience and Anthony has a building & construction background which means he knows houses, he knows their structure and this is half the battle in locating & securing entry points. The rest is a matter of time and ensuring possums leave your property as quickly, efficiently & humanely as possible.

Do you charge extra for a double storey house?

Yes we do. Our prices for 2 story property start at $320 +gst. Our prices may vary for commercial or multi-level buildings.

I have a flat steel roof, is that a problem?

No it is not. Anthony deals with all sorts of construction and he generally can deal with any type of roof finish. However there is also a price variation for these types of roofs. Please speak with our staff to discuss our prices.

Can possums be relocated?

Under the Wildlife Act possums must be released within a 50 metre radius once it has been evicted or trapped from your roof. But fear not, by this time we would have possum proofed your roof so there is no getting back in, once possum discover this, they will quickly move on.

Possums are destroying my plants & fruit trees in my garden, what can I do?

Unfortunately not a great deal, we will not move on possums that are in their natural habitat. Unless they are in your roof or in your property we will not relocate or trap them away.