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The requirement to co-ordinate multiple tradespeople to complete the one multi-faceted task can be the absolute bain of any Body Corporate manager. It is a time consuming headache that more often than not turns into a nightmare when your best laid plans are unraveled by less organised, sometimes bickering individual tradies failing to link their services together to execute a set plan.

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Deadlines fly by, jobs remain un-completed and the final result is always the same….Irate tenants, unfairly blaming you for the failings of individuals you unfortunately placed your good faith in. Regrettably this can sometimes culminate in you losing the management of the building. That's why it is paramount to carefully choose the trades people who represent your company.

In this day and age people demand results and high degree of professional conduct and they should have that. The reality is that we are usually judged on our failings and not our successes, and this is ever so true in the field of Body Corporate Management

Possum problems can present as a highly distressing situation for tenants who are left sleep deprived due to the relentless and excessive nighttime noise these creatures generate up in the roof cavity. Even the most tolerant and usually reasonable tenant can quickly become irate, volatile and hard to deal with. That is why we provide a rapid response to every enquiry. Calming and reassuring your resident becomes our first priority. Our technicians and office staff all receive comprehensive training in all aspects of customer service and possum control and have expertise in all other areas of pest related issues. So when you call Possum Catchers, you are not just talking wildlife people, you are talking to highly skilled professionals that are trained to handle all of your pest control needs and hopefully make your job a little easier. For more information on general pest control go to:

We pride ourselves on being the most proficient possum proofing experts in the state and we have proven this by never failing to achieve a positive long term outcome for a client. In fact we have never been unsuccessful in possum proofing a structure and are often called upon to problem solve the impossible issues that have baffled other well-known possum control companies.

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Possum Catchers has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to protecting larger residential dwellings against possum entry and attack. Dwellings such as multi-level apartment structures, shared roof and/or adjoining unit dwellings and retirement villages all present their individual challenges. Our technicians have a detailed knowledge and understanding of all types of construction methods and the relevant Australian construction codes that regulate them.

As well as being experts in possum control our technicians are highly skilled tradespeople which gives us a huge advantage in solving your immediate and long term possum issues. Firstly we thoroughly assess the current status of your structure, and then we attend to the immediate possum problem and restore control. Lastly we give you the right advice when formulating long term possum proofing strategies for your building.

Rooftops are the preferred area of entry for most possums and it is imperative to maintain this part of a structure if long term possum exclusion is to be achieved. Possum Catchers have skilled tradespeople who can offer all forms of remedial works.

  • We hold Public Liability Insurance of $20 Million and Professional Indemnity Insurance of $500,000. An insurance certificate is available on request.

  • We are licensed Type 1 Commercial Wildlife Controllers and have nationally recognised qualifications in Cert III Asset Maintenance as well as full accrediation in alll pest managment systems Cert IV General Pest & Termite Management

  • Possum Catchers are fully compliant with all the necessary statutory and mandatory requirements relating to the and all our staff are fully trained in all aspects of the Occupational Health & Safety Acts systems and controls.

  • We also hold the following current Industry Accrediations: EWP Operator License - Yellow Card (scissor lift/boom lift), Victorian Construction Induction - White Card, Working at Heights and Working with Children.

You can completely rely on the high level service and expertise we bring to the table. We have never failed to honour a warranty issue and we like to believe that this ethos has resulted in the ongoing patronage of the many word of mouth referral customers we service.

"We're there for you - until they're gone"