Possum Removal Price List

  • *Possum Removal - For a Single Storey, Brick Structure with Tiled Roof
    • With 12 Month Warranty : from $280 +gst
    • With 24 Month Warranty : from $450 +gst
  • *Possum Removal - For a Two Storey, Brick structure with Tiled Roof
    • With 12 Month Warranty : from $320 +gst
    • With 24 Month Warranty : from $500 +gst
  • *Possum Removal – For any property (single or double storey) with Tin/Colourbond, Steel Deck Roof (Flat or pitched)
    • With 12 Month Warranty : from $380 +gst
    • With 24 Month Warranty : from $560 +gst
  • *Possum Removal – For any Weatherboard structure (single or double storey)
    • With 12 Month Warranty : from $380 +gst
    • With 24 Month Warranty : from $560 +gst

*PLEASE NOTE: The price list table above is based on 'SIGHT UNSEEN' and reflects the cost to treat an Average Home, however there may be factors that are unknown to us that might affect how much it will cost to control possums. Service cost largely depends on the size of property, the size and type of the roof, height of roof and condition of the roof & structure as well as the intensity of infestation. Please contact our office on (03) 8840 9572 if your property is larger than average size to discuss pricing options.

If we attend your property and the scope of the works falls outside our standard advertised charges, we will then convert the job request to an no-obligation free quote with no call out fee incurred.


Our warranty commences from the first day of service and covers our workmanship and materials used for the possum proofing carried out by our technicians. If possum re-entry occurs through one of our repairs, then we will return and remove the possum(s) and repair entry points free of charge.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Poor maintenance of the property i.e. rotting or decaying timbers (fascia, bargeboards & weatherboards). Plaster or storm damage, general poor maintenance/condition of roof tiles, gutters and eaves.
  • It does not cover future entry points left open by other trades and/or tenants, owner's third party etc.
  • If the roof or common walls join neighbouring properties, our warranty does not cover any re-entry gained via the adjoining properties or building. Please discuss options with our office if your property shares a roof or common wall connection.
  • Subfloor or ground level entry is not generally covered under our warranty unless otherwise specified. This exclusion applies primarily to weatherboard structures.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the humane and efficient eviction of possums from your property however, possums are unpredictable animals and therefore Possums Catchers Pty Ltd does not take responsibility for any damage caused by a possum internally or externally to the structure, vehicles or goods during and after the possum eviction process.

Additional Services

  • Possum Removal/Rescue (catch and release), no repairs, no warranty.
    • from $220 +gst
  • Possum Removal (by use one-way door installation or trapping), no repairs, no warranty.
    • from $220 +gst per day
  • Possum Carcass retrieval(Dead animal)

    We make every endeavour to locate, retrieve & dispose of possum/animal carcass and success is highly dependent on physical access. Our time is chargeable, and charges will apply regardless of success. Cost is dependent on time & difficulty in retrieval.
    • From $220 - $380 +gst
  • **Rodent Treatment

    We bait all roof cavity affected areas with commercial grade rodenticide which includes 6-month warranty and if required, includes carcass retrieval in the event a rodent dies in the roof. Our 6 month warranty is limited to 2 visits only.
    • from $220 - $380 +gst (Excluding Executive Estate Properties POA)
      • Please note: In the event we find both possums and rodents we will discount the rodent component of our service by $100 +gst (pricing to be confirmed). This discount is applicable only when we are completing work for possums.

    • Supply & Installation of bait boxes (in addition to rodent treatment)
      • $25 +gst per box
      • **Rodent Treatment: Sometimes the audible activity in roof cavities is confused with possum activity, when in fact it is actually a rodent (rats) issue. In this instance, if we establish that it is rodents (rats) in the roof, we will proceed with a rodent treatment and the above rodent treatment charges will apply